Corporate Servicing

Our corporate service manages your coffee and maintenance materials at a fixed monthly rate. This service enables you to budget for the full year including increased consumption during the winter months, keeping you fully stocked with the best available coffees.

Coffee Machine Offering

  • We offer a service contract to allow you to always enjoy the best from your coffee machine
  • We offer both tracking and servicing for companies to manage their coffee, and their coffee machines
  • Regular full servicing of machine, as prescribed by the manufacturer
  • The amount of coffee you select to suite your requirement. Select from our specialty grade blends and single origin coffees

Coffee Beans Offering

  • We offer offers a wide range of specially blended and roasted coffees
  • We delivery your select coffee to your premises
  • 24 hour turnaround time to allow us to deliver your perfect roast without compromising quality

Gafi Coffee Offerings

Gafi Coffee offers a wide range of specially blended and roasted coffees. Gafi Coffee offers the following coffee blends in varying levels of bitterness light, medium and dark

In-house Coffee blends

  • Gafi Espresso
  • Gafi Black
  • Gafi Decaf

Single Origin

  • Ethiopian
  • Kenyan
  • Rwandan
  • Malawian
  • Ugandan


Our service contract is based on the quantity of coffee you consume over a year, averaged over 12 months. As a guide from our experience while working with automatic coffee machines we have found that at least 1 kilogram of coffee beans a week. Using this we have designed the full service option around specific coffee use.

We will send you a quote on request, since each client has their own unique needs. For a quote we consider the following:

  • Type of coffee preferred, or range of coffees preferred.
  • Labour requirements, namely what is the in house skill level and what is required by the client as far as servicing?
  • The number of machines to be included in the contract, their current and longevity.
  • If cappuccino is or is not a major priority.
  • Swop out machine required.
  • Any client specific options.

Example of Pricing

Below is an example of how the service contract pricing works for a client takes 3kgs a week (does about 300 cups of coffee a week, or for an office of about 50 people).

Pricing Excluding Vat Including Vat
Gafi Espresso R 3 348,00 R 3 816,72
Gafi Black R 3 348,00 R 3 816,72
Kenyan Roast R 3 708,00 R 4 227,12
Rwandan Roast R 3 708,00 R 4 227,12
Ethiopian Roast R 3 708,00 R 4 227,12
Limited Edition R 4 428,00 R 5 047,92